John Bush started FOAMY in 1996. After playing drums in a band called The Slip with fellow New Bo band mates Kenny Withrow and Edie Brickell as well as Scott Johnson and Zac Baird. John decided to switch his focus from percussion to drum set after making a CD with The Slip, which the record company decided not to release. Along the way John decided to try his hand at song writing and story telling and thus was born FOAMY. The debut release Foamy came out in 1998 while living in Seattle and featured the collaboration with his good friend Pete Reilly. 

John and his wife moved back to Texas the next year and Pete moved back to his home in The Dominican Republic. John continued writing and recording at his home Elk Funk Studios outside Austin in the Texas hill country when he met Ron Flynt. They became great friends and John began assembling what he had been recording at his place and continued the recording process for what became his next release Giraffe, at Ron’s Jumping Dog Studios in Austin.

Giraffe came out in 2002 and received radio play locally as well as through out the globe. It was even a favorite of DJs in Japan. Giraffe was an eclectic mix of rock & roll with many musical elements. Almost cinematic at times with many styles and grooves mixed with a combination of singing and spoken word. A rock band with a bit of a trippy element to them. Live FOAMY comes off as a rock band more than the eclectic music that makes up Giraffe and the new CD IN A DREAM is more reflective of roots rock & roll. The new CD IN A DREAM is due out later this year. 

FOAMY has had many wonderfully talented musicians play and give of themselves. From the very first gig in Seattle with a 10-piece band to the more common trio here a short list of those who have played with or recorded in the band Pete Reilly, Ron Flynt, Robin ‘Texas Slim’ Sullivan, Kenny Withrow, Carter Albrecht (Sorta), Brad Houser, Wayne Sutton, Brandon Aly, Paul Slavens, Paul Leddy, Matt Hubbard, Gary Newcomb, Danny O’Brien, Jordin Corbin, Eddie Nonog, Brian Standefer, Edie Brickell, Skerik, Dave Palmer, Mike Dillon, Reed Easterwood, Dave Monsey, Carrie Clark, Dan Blakney, Keith Martini, Fred Hawkins, Ron Barrow, Rickey Gene Powell, Marc Miller, Garey Shelton, Father Dimitri J, Dylan Cooper, Glen Ayers, Rich Hinklin, Paul Hinklin, and most recently featuring Landis Armstrong and Harmoni Kelley.

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